Check This Out!

This is just a partial listing of the fabulous free stuff that I have received for myself and my twins. By the time I had finished receiving free stuff in the mail, I filled up four large storage bins and received hundreds of dollars worth of free stuff!

Check this out!




Four mega packs of diapers from Pampers

Two full-size packages of diapers from Drypers

Several sample packs of diapers from

Huggies and Pampers

Several coupons for money off the cost of diapers

from Huggies, Pampers and Drypers

Sample pack of diapers from the Welcome Wagon,

compliments of “The Diaper Store”


Baby Wipes

One full size pack of baby wipes from Pampers

Sample packs of baby wipes from Pampers and Huggies

Sample pack of baby washcloths from Toys R Us


Baby Formula

One can of powdered infant formula from Enfalac

One can of powdered infant formula from Similac

One can of powdered infant formula from Nestle

Three sample packs of infant formula from Similac


Baby Care Items

Samples of baby wash and baby powder from Johnson & Johnson

Three sample packs of diaper rash cream from

Johnson & Johnson

Sample pack of nursing pads from Johnson & Johnson

Two samples of Baby Dove Baby Wash and Shampoo

Two sample packs of Ivory Snow Gentle Care Detergent

from Welcome Wagon

Sample of diaper rash cream from Welcome Wagon

Three samples of diaper rash cream from Flanders

Two samples of Zincofax diaper rash cream

One Baby Orajel for infant teething pain

One trial size sample of diaper rash cream from DRC

Sample of diaper rash cream from Balmex


Baby Food and Cereal Samples

Three sample packs of Milupa rice cereal

One sample pack of Nestle baby cereal (Rice Cereal)


Bibs, Bottles, Rattles, Baby Spoons, etc cetera

Four baby bottles from Evenflo

One baby bottle from Playtex

One diaper bag from Similac

Baby bib from Toys R Us

Baby rattle from Toys R Us

Two baby bibs from Welcome Wagon, compliments

of Clarica and USC Kids (USC Education Savings Plans)

Baby toy from Welcome Wagon

Two baby rattles from The First Years

One baby spoon from Milupa

Two silver baby spoons from Gerber

“Baby In Car” sticker from Milupa

Free birth announcements from Pride & Joy Announcements


Gift Packs and Parenting Starter Kits

Keepsake box from Enfalac Baby Steps

Gift pack from The Welcome Wagon

Gift pack from Toys R Us (Babies R Us)

Gift pack from Growing Family

Gift pack from Best Wishes



Coupons from Baby Dove, Milupa, Huggies, Pampers,

Drypers, Similac, Enfalac, Nestle, Johnson & Johnson ,

Toys R Us (Babies R Us), Earth’s Best Organic, Tylenol,

Motrin, Advil, and many others


Child Health and Safety Items

Free video from Transport Canada entitled,

” Keep Kids Safe: Car time 1-2-3-4

Baby safety outlet plugs from Toys R Us

Canada’s Child Health Record from Pampers

Parenting Institute


Miscellaneous Items

Make-up, hair and perfume samples

One free infant play class from Gymboree

Coupon for 50% off Gymbabies Classes from

Gymboree (received in Welcome Wagon Gift Pack)

Free infant portrait from Canadian Baby Photographers

Free baby shower from the Welcome Wagon

Coupons for money off children’s books

Back to Sleep infant safety stickers and door hanger


Parenting Books, Magazines and other Literature

712-page, hardcover book from State Farm Insurance, entitled,

Mayo Clinic Complete Book of Pregnancy & Baby’s First Year

Free parenting book entitled, The New Baby and Child Care

Quick Reference Encyclopaedia

Free subscription to “Baby Stages” magazine

Free magazines from Today’s Parent, Best Wishes, Parents,

Parenting, Good Start Magazine, and various other magazines

Parenting literature from Transport Canada,

The La Leche League, and many others


Maternity, Baby Wear and Baby Product Catalogs

Free catalogs from Peg Perego, One Step Ahead, Lands End,

Little Tykes, JC Penney, and many others