How To Get Baby Freebies

How to Get Baby Freebies

Having a baby is one of life’s most joyous occasions. However, raising a baby is one of life’s most expensive endeavors. The average amount of money spent on a baby in its first year of life is over ten thousand dollars. Here are some great ways to worry less about finances so more time can be spent enjoying the journey with your little one.

One way to save money is to search out as many free baby samples as possible. There are numerous sites that offer free samples on the web. Listed here are a two of the most user friendly and least time-consuming places to visit.

Wal-Mart features a “daily sample” on its home page. It’s worth checking out every day to see if they are offering free baby samples and it only takes a few moments to enter your information. Keep in mind that the shipping will take awhile, so give about four weeks for your baby freebies to arrive.

This web page has a wide variety of samples available including free baby samples. Simply sign up as a member, click on the desired sample and follow the directions to receive your baby freebies. Delivery time will vary depending on the company providing the free baby samples, but it usually takes 4-6 weeks for the samples to arrive.

Registering with different baby companies such as diaper or formula companies is a great way to get baby freebies. Registration can be done directly on the company’s website. These companies will periodically mail out free baby samples, and if you are on their list you can receive surprise free baby stuff in the mail.

Another great way to save money is to take advantage of programs offered by diaper companies.

Pampers Gifts to Grow and Huggies Enjoy the Ride Rewards programs are great ways to get baby freebies. These are programs that allow you to redeem reward points or codes found on the diaper packages for free baby stuff. The points are entered into the website and added to until there is enough to redeem.

The codes and reward points can be redeemed for sorts of free baby stuff from toys, coupons, diapers, and other baby freebies. These programs can save a lot of money especially if the codes and points are consistently redeemed for free diapers, which would eventually lead to free packages of diapers paying for the next free package.

Just go to and to register and print out coupons.

Don’t forget as well that coupons and sales at your local department and grocery stores can always be combined to lower the cost of baby products, which can also lead to free baby stuff.


Free Things For Your Baby

If you are looking for free baby stuff, like free baby diapers, more specifically free Pampers diapers, then, this site is for you. Diapers, as we all know, are far from cheap, In I mean, when you consider how long a diaper will last, once your baby starts wearing it, which can be anywhere from, as soon as you put it on, to, definitely less than a day, with no hope of ever being used again, So for the length of time and the amount uses you get out of each diaper can be used before they are disposed of, you could go so far as to say, they are not even reasonably priced, Pampers diapers being one of the most expensive, so when you have a chance to get free Pampers diapers, who could possibly resist? I know I would jump at the opportunity to get almost any brand of free baby diapers. It doesn’t take long to find out just how expensive just the bare necessities are when you are raising a child, so, any time a bargain, (free being the best bargain I have seen around lately), happens along. Having had three children myself, who were close enough in age to all be wearing diapers of various sizes at the same time, talk about breaking the bank! Oh you better believe, (and I know you do), that just the daily basics alone, make this site, where you can get free baby stuff, a very, valuable resource indeed. With just a simple, free and quick registration, you are on your way to getting, your babies free Pampers diapers, (and other brands of diaper offers, also), free coupons for items such as Enfamil formula, Gerber baby food, free samples of baby necessities, free baby magazines full of important information, all this and more, so many free and money saving offers for the necessities. All of the free samples and coupons, are well known brands, that are trusted, so, you can rest assured, that in saving money, you are not compromising, the high standards and quality, that your baby deserves. So register today and take advantage of the free baby stuff, it’s, simple, free, will only take a minute and we all know, every little bit helps, (and it’s always fun to get free stuff in the mail). We are looking forward to helping you save money on the necessities, so you can enjoy more of the fun and special moments with baby.