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The Hottest Baby Items in Hollywood 

by Sue M. Hannah, Author of Free Stuff For Baby!


For today’s celebrity moms, the urge to splurge is taken to new levels, as the Louis Vuitton diaper bag, ($1,120 U.S.) and the Silver Cross Pram, known as the Rolls Royce of baby carriages, ($2,499 U.S.) are the latest “must-haves” of Hollywood moms. And for baby’s nursery, the sky’s the limit, as celebrity moms are heading to Posh Tots for such extravagant items as the Circus Sleigh Crib ($2,904 U.S), or the fairy tale inspired Goldilocks crib ($3,484 U.S.), to transform their baby’s nurseries into a dream world.


When it comes to maternity wear, the chicest Hollywood accessory to be seen with today is a “bump”! Today’s hottest celebrity moms are proudly displaying their bumps and curves with the latest, ultra-hip maternity wear—cleavage revealed and curves accentuated. Sarah Jessica Parker, always the fashionista, elevated pregnancy to a whole new level of hip by dressing her baby belly in the trendiest low-cut, super short maternity fashions. Today, pregnancy is chic, fashion-conscious, and most shocking of all, sexy. Women today want to celebrate their pregnancy, not hide it. Being pregnant has never been so fashionable! So get ready, girls, for a list of the hottest baby items and maternity wear on the market today!

Fleurville MotherShip Pink Stripes Diaper Bag


How would you like to carry the same diaper bag that was featured on the Oprah show? Courteney Cox has it, Sarah Jessica Parker has it…and so can you! Featured in top fashion magazines as one of the best diaper bags around, The Fleurville MotherShip Pink Stripes Diaper Bag features a vibrant striped exterior, red interior lining, multiple interior pockets, and an insulated bottle sleeve, and can be yours for 149.95 U.S.!


The Silver Cross Kensington Pram Carriage


The Kensington pram from Silver Cross was the baby carriage of choice for Brooke Shields, who loved the carriage so much she had it flown in from Northern England for the arrival of her daughter’s birth. Silver Cross prams are hand-made in England, each with a numbered plaque, and have transported such luminaries including Princess Diana and the Queen’s children.


Patemm Diaper Changing Pads


Courteney Cox is crazy about the Patemm diaper changing pads! Their bright colors and floral patterns are certain to catch the eye of baby Coco. An alternative to the rectangular changing pads, these eye-catching pads are round, so you can lay your baby down any which way.


Naissance On Melrose Baby Utility Belt


The ultra-hip and stylish Naissance On Melrose Baby Utility Belt comes with pockets to carry bottles, wipes, diapers, money, binkies, keys and cell phones. Sarah Jessica Parker has been seen on the streets of New York toting this fashion-forward baby belt, which comes in army green and camo.


Posh Tots


To create the ultimate Hollywood nursery, Posh Tots, which holds the hand of furnishing Ross and Rachael’s baby nursery on “Friends”, carries such extravagant nursery items as a $40,000 pumpkin coach bed, straight from Cinderella, to offer your baby the royal treatment, as well as luxurious baby bedding, cashmere baby blankets and more. Sarah Jessica Parker, Reese Witherspoon and Princess Caroline have furnished their babies’ nurseries with this extravagant collection.


Wetsuit Onesies


For the hippest line of baby clothing, check out Generation Z Baby, the ultra-trendy store for surfer-cool baby outfits, including tees, onesies and baby wetsuit loungewear. A favorite line of Courteney Cox, Britney Spears, Liv Tyler, Julia Roberts and Angie Harmon, these adorable outfits come with built-in kneepads. According to, “It’s for women who wear yoga pants and Juicy Couture everywhere, who question why they have to get their kid dressed in the morning.”


Postpartum Body Restructuring Gel


Mustela’s Postpartum Body Restructuring Gel is a favorite of both Gwyneth Paltrow and Debra Messing. A “must-have” after giving birth, this luscious stretch mark cream firms and refines skin on the tummy and thighs.


Lulu the Lamb & Barry the Bear Stuffed Chairs


According to Laurie McCartney, owner of Babystyle, “Lulu the Lamb and Barry the Bear stuffed chairs are a big favorite among celebrities and their little ones! The Bugaboo Frog Stroller is quite popular as well. Kate Hudson and Gwyneth Paltrow are among the many fans.”


The Belly Balm (Baby Basics)


Used to butter up the bodies of Bobbie Brown, Uma Thurman, Cindy Crawford and Josie Bissett, The Belly Balm by Belly Basics is a nourishing skin cream used to help prevent stretch marks. When actress Kelly Preston was expecting, The Belly Balm was her most indispensable pregnancy product. “I rubbed it all over my stomach and thighs every night before bed”, says Kelly, of this remarkable skincare product.


Limited Edition Baby Outfitters Valco Stroller


How do celebrities gear up for baby? With the Limited Edition Baby Outfitter Valco Stroller! According to Laurie Hibberd of CBS News, this is the hot new stroller that Julia Roberts used for her twins, Hazel and Phinnaeus. With reclining seats, padding and back support, this attractive and fashionable stroller, as seen on The Early Show, comes in ice blue and ice pink and is sold exclusively through Baby Outfitters.


Shabby Chic


Founded by designer Rachel Ashwell, Shabby Chic, which offers the latest in baby furniture, bedding and baby accessories, is a popular spot for Britney Spears, Julia Roberts, Debra Messing, Denise Richards, Kate Hudson and Molly Shannon. “My designs are inspired by flea market finds and the appeal of sensible living,” says Rachel Ashwell of her fashionable collection.


Celebrity Maternity Wear


Maternity Jeans


The latest maternity jeans are ultra-hip, belly-baring low risers by 7 For All Mankind, Earl Jeans, Joe’s, Bella Dahl, and Citizens of Humanity. Worn by celebrity moms Gwyneth Paltrow, Debra Messing, Liv Tyler and Kate Hudson, these fashionable jeans are worn under the belly with adjustable waistlines. They look fabulous with a bump!


Sarah Jessica Parker, who never missed a fashion beat when she was expecting, could be seen about town showing off her bulging belly in Seven maternity jeans, the ever-popular, low-slung jean made for two.

Wrap Dresses and Wrap Blouses


Gone are the days of the tent-like maternity dresses of yester years. Today’s maternity dresses and blouses look like they came off the runway in Milan! The style-savvy moms of Tinsel town, including Liv Tyler, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Lisa B and Jada Pinkett Smith, look absolutely fabulous in today’s cleavage-bearing wrap dresses and blouses by such designers as Diane von Furstenberg and Liz Lange.


Maternity T-Shirts


A favorite with celebrities, maternity tanks and tees with cute slogans such as the popular “Lovin’ My Buddha Belly”, “Goddess with a Bump” and “Blossoming Baby Belly”, have been seen on celebrity trendsetters such as Kate Hudson and other well-known celebrities. Check out for their latest line of “daddy tees” for the father-to-be, bearing the cool slogan “Men Who Change Diapers Rule!”


Where the stars are shopping:


A Pea in the Pod


Their designer maternity wear includes Juicy Couture, wrap dresses by Diane von Furstenberg, and many other of today’s top fashion designers. A favorite of Cate Blanchett and Debra Messing, a Pea in the Pod carries all the latest trends, including bikinis, cocktail dresses, maternity blouses, and low-rise jeans for the mom-to-be. Over 100 celebrities have visited this trendy online boutique. Check out the photos of these motherly goddesses at


Liz Lange Maternity


A favorite of celebrity moms Catherine Zeta-Jones and Cindy Crawford, Liz Lange Maternity offers a full line of maternity wear, including under-the-belly jeans and trousers, camisoles and more. Affordable Liz Lange maternity wear can also be found at Target stores.


Mommy Chic


ER’s Alex Kingston, Cate Blanchett and Uma Thurman have all ravaged the shelves of Mommy Chic. Their trendy line offers maternity dresses, skirts, tops and eveningwear.


Naissance Maternity


For the love of the boho look, Naissance Maternity is the only place to shop. Perfect for the fashionista mom-to-be, they carry maternity skirts, dresses, jeans, halters, vintage dresses, tunics and more.


Preggers ‘n Proud


Shop Preggers ‘n Proud for those trendy maternity t- shirts worn by today’s celebrity moms, including “Lovin My Budda Belly”, “Goddess With a Bump”, and more.




The ultra-trendy boutique, Veronique, on Madison Avenue, is the maternity shop of the moment. They carry Earl and Citizens For Humanity maternity jeans, as well as glamorous maternity dresses worn by fashion-savvy New Yorkers and celebrity moms, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson, Liv Tyler, Veronica Webb, Jessica Seinfeld and Catherine Zeta-Jones.


Diva On a Dime


Is it possible for moms to compete with today’s celebrities without spending a fortune? Absolutely! Moms-to-be can now look to stores like Old Navy and Target, (who now carry Liz Lange maternity wear), and other reasonably-priced stores that carry ultra-hip, trendy and glamorous maternity wear at prices that won’t break the budget.


Following are five places where hip mamas can shop for fashionable and affordable maternity wear.

Target and Liz Lange


Target has now teamed up with maternity designer-to-the- stars, Liz Lange, to offer some affordable and very beautiful maternity wear, including dresses, tops, swimsuits and more.


Old Navy


Both comfortable and fashionable, the Old Navy maternity line carries several great maternity wear items, including tanks, tunics, capris and halters, as well as adorable baby outfits at affordable prices.


Motherhood Maternity


Motherhood Maternity has cute fashionable items starting as low as $6.99, including overalls, rompers, sweaters, crops and capris, as well as some of the best nursing wear on the market today, all at very affordable prices.


Mimi Maternity


Mimi Maternity stocks cute, fashionable maternity pieces at reasonable prices. Their stylish maternity jeans offer several different “belly” styles, including “no belly”, “under belly”, “mid-belly” and more.


Baby Outfitter


With prices that won’t break the budget, Baby Outfitter carries such well-known brands as Osh Kosh B‘ Gosh, Esprit, Gymboree, Baby Gap and Old Navy. In addition to their cute and trendy baby clothing, they also offer affordable baby gear.


Money Saving Tips For Parents

by Kathleen Brooks 


Tips For Parents

In a Ways to Stretch Your Dollar chapter of her book, Sue Hannah offers tips to help new parents:


Breastfeed and save: Besides the health benefits to mother and baby, breastfeeding can save more than $1,000 a year in formula alone.

Make your own baby food: It’s a low-cost and nutritious way to feed a little one.

Infant formula: If you decide not to breastfeed, a store-brand formula from a store like Wal-Mart is less costly than a name brand. Also, the preparation of powdered formula may require extra effort, but it will be less expensive than concentrated liquid formula.

Buy in bulk: Check baby product factories to see if you can make bulk purchases of diapers and other necessities at a discounted rate.

Baby clothes: Wait until after your baby shower to start buying clothing for your baby to make sure you buy only items you really need.

Coupons and discounts: Browse through newspapers and magazines for money-saving coupons on baby items. Ask your friends and family to clip coupons for you.

Mailing Lists: Many brand-name baby product companies keep mailing lists of new parents and will send them free samples from time to time.