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by Sue M. Hannah 


Fit Pregnancy Magazine – November 2003

Something for nothing 


Free Stuff for Baby! The New Parents’ Ultimate Guide to Hundreds of Dollars of Baby Freebies and Parenting Resources, By Sue M. Hannah (Contemporary Books, 2003, $13)


When author Sue Hannah found out she was expecting twins and realized she’d need to save money at every opportunity, she researched all that was available free to parents, from online sites and support groups to brochures and products.


Her list of companies to contact for new-parent perks goes way beyond diaper samples and baby-food coupons to include such impressive goodies as free Muppets music videos and a 712-page pediatric health guide from the Mayo Clinic and State Farm Insurance.


Best of all is the chapter with Hannah’s tips for frugal parenting, obviously wrought from years of experience. Instructions for making your own diaper covers, baby wipes, non-slip socks and even play dough will help you put that much more money toward your baby’s college education.



Work & Family Life Newsletter

We Recommend….

New parents guide to a plethora of baby ‘freebies’


Can you guess the first two things on the “Top Ten List of Totally Useless Baby Items?” No. 1, infant shoes. No. 2, baby kimonas.


What about the top two items you can’t live without? Diapers, of course, is No. 1, followed by those little cover-all babysuits called “onesies”.


This is just some of the useful, often amusing, advice contained in mother/journalist Sue Hannah’s new book Free Stuff For Baby.


You may be surprised to find that many companies offer free products or samples to new or expecting moms who contact them by simply making a toll-free call, writing a letter or applying online–with no obligation to buy.


You can try out and compare different brands of baby products, get a free installation inspection for your car’s child safety seat, find out which parenting support groups are available to you and how to reach them and also learn about free government resources for new or expecting parents.


There’s a chapter on free parenting books, magazines and other literature as well as ideas for ways to stretch your dollars by making some baby products, toys, clothing and accessories from things you already have in your home. The author has a website where readers can go to find postings on the latest and most current company offers.


Free Stuff for Baby! The New Parent’s UItimate Guide to Hundreds of Dollars of Baby Freebies and Parenting Resources (Contemporary Books/McGraw-Hill Publishing Companies, Paperback, $12.95) is available in bookstores and online.



Today’s Parent Baby & Toddler (Special Edition – Autumn/Winter 2003)

Baby on a Budget


In her book, Free Stuff For Baby: The New Parent’s Ultimate Guide to Hundreds of Dollars of Baby Freebies and Parenting Resources, mom of three Sue Hannah, describes how she received well over $400 in “diapers, bottles, wipes, rattles, books, magazines”, and other baby products. But the book is more than a compendium of free-giveaways. In it, there are lots of tips and resources for penny-wise parents:


Breastfeed and save. Moms who breastfeed their babies save over a $1,000 a year in formula alone!


Baby food. Make your own. Homemade baby food can help you provide low-cost, nutritious food for your little one.


Buy in bulk. Buy diapers direct from the factory at warehouse prices. Call the factory in advance to ask if the public can make bulk purchases at a discount.


Make your own. Hannah has recipes for homemade baby wipes, diaper rash remedy and how to turn a T-shirt into an emergency diaper.


Coupons and discounts. One of the simplest and most effective ways to save money on baby products is to browse through your local newspaper for money-saving coupons on baby items. Ask friends and family to clip for you as well.



In addition to information about free offers, the book can help you track down government agencies offering financial assistance to parents, community resources and support groups.



Chesapeake Family NewsMagazine (January 2004)

Free Stuff For Baby


New parents may become overwhelmed when they realize the drain that a new baby can have on the family bank account. For the resourceful parent, however, there’s a world of free offers out there. And receiving free items is often only a telephone call, postcard or mouse click away.


A recently published book, Free Stuff For Baby! The New Parents’ Ultimate Guide to Hundreds of Dollars of Baby Freebies and Parenting Resources by Sue Hannah, helps parents find the means to collect all sorts of useful baby items.


It includes ways to obtain samples of diapers, lotions and ointments, free baby clothes and shoes, trial offers of food and formula, new bibs, bottles and rattles–even CDs and videos, portrait offers and fun stuff for mom.


The author also offers ways to stretch your dollar, such as breastfeeding, getting on baby product mailing lists to receive trial offers and buying in bulk. With the money saved, you might even be able to start that college fund while your baby is still in diapers!


Free Stuff For Baby! is available in paperback at stores or on line for $12.95.



Parents of Multiples Across Canada

Pamper your baby without breaking your budget!


Here’s an awesome new book called Free Stuff For Baby! by a Canadian mother of a five year-old singleton and two year-old twins. It is loaded with tons of freebies for Canadian babies and moms, as well as a list of great web resources for parents (Mom2Many made it…phew!). Now available from for only $20.95 (Can.)–a super investment!



Northwest Family Magazine

Family Reviews You Can Use!


Everybody loves free stuff, and this book will help you find it! Sue M. Hannah has the best practical advice on what you need, and more importantly what you don’t need when you are having a baby. She has found hundreds of well-known companies who offer coupons, rebates and even free samples for parents with babies. Also included are web sites and toll free phone numbers on support groups and government programs, an invaluable resource for first-time parents.



Parent Pages

Free Stuff For Baby


Once in a while, a book comes along that is helpful, practical, and even entertaining. This is it: Free Stuff For Baby!, by Sue M. Hannah. Parents can try out and compare different brands of baby products including diapers, baby wipes, formula, and baby food from well-known companies such as Pampers, Huggies, Carnation, Gerber, and more! There’s free stuff for moms too. But that’s not all! This book includes hundreds of toll-free phone numbers, information on parent support groups, and valuable Web sites.



Today’s Kids In Motion (Winter 2003)

Free Stuff For Baby


You’re certain that the adorable new addition to your family will fill your heart. But will the costs of caring for baby drain your bank account? Not with Sue M. Hannah’s help. In Free Stuff For Baby!, she shows you how to spoil your newborn by giving you the info on hundreds of giveaways and great deals. Visit



MetroKids Magazine

A Bundle of Freebies


As every parent has discovered, a lovable new addition can mean big subtractions from your bank account. Clothes, diapers, toys, food… the tab can come to $5,000 in an infant’s first year. To ease the pain, Sue M. Hannah has written Free Stuff For Baby! (McGraw-Hill/Contemporary Books, $12.95). Let Huggies, Gerber, Carnation and lots of other companies pamper you will samples.


In addition to ferreting out freebies, Hannah suggests ways for new parents to spend less. For example, besides its health benefits, breastfeeding is the number one way to save–more than $1,000 a year, says the author. Barring that, she advises parents to buy store-brand formula from a discounter such as Wal-Mart. Putting in the time to prepare powdered formula will save even more.






by Sue M. Hannah 


Jennifer Mactutis, Seattle, USA

Great resource!!, February 28, 2004

I believe this book is a great resource for a busy new mom!! We all know this stuff is out there–you just have to research it and ask for it. However, as a new mom, when do you have time to just surf the net to look for it all? I found this book to be an awesome way to find great free items in minutes (thanks to all of Ms. Hannah’s hard work!)


I wrote to Del Labs for the free samples of Orajel and coupons, and we received a Sesame Street book, that my daughter adores, FOR FREE!!! Applied for the potty training kit from Charmin, and they had ran out, but took our info for future giveaways. A few weeks later, we received a surprise–the potty training kit! I also found Ms. Hannah’s website very user friendly and she is very happy to receive emails about new info that her readers come across. She keeps up to date info on it shared by her readers. It must be such a daunting task to try to stay on top of all the freebies and giveways, and I, for one, appreicate her effort!!



Jane Smith – Houston, TX

March 17, 2004

I couldn’t get enough of this book!! I found websites on everything I needed: diaper needs, parenting ideas, safety information, educational materials, budgeting for baby! I really feel that I got more than what I paid for and am still using the book as a reference guide for websites.



Jen from Ontario, Canada

A Fun Read! Great Book!, March 21, 2004

Free Stuff for baby was not only a fun read for me but brought me directly to sites without hours of searching the web. Plus, I also received free stuff in the mail and I discovered lots of new sites to browse through. The one thing I liked best about this book is that it has Canadian information and websites along with the American ones. She also tells you what offers are available in Canada and what offers are not.



Jodi from Canada

GREAT BOOK!!!, March 1, 2004

This book was wonderful. Before our first child was born, we picked up this book hoping for a few “freebies” and ended up with HUGE amounts of stuff. Not just free products but also a lot of free resources that we otherwise would not have known about. Being from Canada, we loved the fact that the author wrote what was available in Canada and in the US! It is a must for all new parents … that is if you like freebies!!



Disney2003, Toronto, Ontario

The best book for new mommy’s, February 28, 2004

If you are a new mom & do not have hours to waste… Then this is the must have book. A few offers may have expired, but most well known baby product companies always have new offers. The offer may change but the phone number does not. This is the best quick recourse book & loads of idea’s on how to save money on day to day items, as well as great crafts that you can make yourself. You can search the net, but as I have found many new mom’s are not aware of what companies actually give out free. This would be an awesome item not only for yourself, but would be a great ideal gift for any baby shower.