Some tips on how to manage your emotions

It is often said that emotion guides our judgements, whether good or bad. But for this emotion not to pervert judgements, you should have control over it. Not allowing your emotions to dominate you makes you a person of exceptional quality. The rest of this content offers some tips on how to manage your emotions well.

Take emotions as an ally

Emotions should not be considered as enemies. On the contrary, they will make good allies in our daily lives. However, if we always consider ourselves strong, we are unlikely to have our emotions on our side as a support. We try to hide our emotions because we perceive them as weakness.

Emotions are feelings that accompany us on a daily basis. If we take fear, for example, it is this emotion that tells us about the state of our own security. Sadness allows us to measure our sense of reality. And it is anger that keeps you whole wherever you go.

Indeed, psychologists report that emotions can help in memory exercises. For leaders, controlling emotions helps them make good decisions. For they profile emotions as the developers of their intuition. Also, being a good leader means having good emotional intelligence.

Identify your emotions

Many emotions can run through us in a day. But being able to know all these emotions is something else entirely. Sadness and anger can come up at the same time, or one can lead to the other.

To identify one of the many emotions that run through your mind, simply measure the regret of each emotion, a range of 1 to 10. The one you see closer to 10 is therefore the main one. The other trick is to check your feelings.

Manage each emotion

Don’t try to deal with all your emotions at once. Instead, deal with them one after the other.

Find a point where you can deal with the emotions differently. In time, you will surely find something that allows you to deal with this or that emotion.

Also, take the time to know properly each emotion that animates you. Thus, identify its opposite. This will allow you to manage your emotions well.